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What if we miss a live session?

Don’t worry! All sessions are recorded and available for replay on our platform. Participants can catch up on missed content and still complete their projects.

What do I need to participate?

Participants will need a computer capable of running Unreal Engine, a stable internet connection, and access to Discord. For the best experience, we recommend using headphones and having a microphone a second screen or tablet available. though we have many students that have great success just working off a laptop.

Can my child participate from outside the United Kingdom

Yes, our courses are available globally. All live sessions are conducted in English, and we offer a range of session times to accommodate different time zones.

Are the sessions interactive?

Yes, all our sessions are live and interactive. Students can ask questions, receive real-time feedback, and collaborate with peers under the guidance of an instructor.

Who can join Game Builders Live?

Our programs are designed for kids and teenagers who are interested in game development. No prior experience is required as we offer courses tailored to various skill levels. 

Adult classes are coming though!

What technical support is available if we encounter issues?

Technical support is available via Discord and email. Our team assists with issues related to Unreal Engine installation, course access, and any other technical difficulties that may arise during the course.

What safety measures are in place for online interactions?

We prioritize the safety of all participants. All communications on Discord are moderated by our staff and safegaurding bots to ensure a safe and respectful environment. Personal information is strictly protected, and we adhere to stringent online safety protocols.

What kind of support is available?

We offer comprehensive support through Discord channels moderated by our instructors. Additionally, mini tutorial videos are accessible for further learning and revision.

How do participants interact during live sessions?

Participants interact through voice and chat on Discord, where they can ask questions, share screens, and get guidance. Group projects and peer-to-peer learning are also facilitated to enhance collaboration skills.

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