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Live Lessons

£11 per week

Build games

Ages 7+

Learn how to build computer games with our Game Builders Academy Live weekly online lessons. Enrol today with our 7 day 'Free Trial' and start your journey in games development at our fun packed lessons !  Ages 7+ and all abilities.

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Game Builder is a highlight of our son's week. It's something he really looks forward to. He has learnt so much and wants to take it forward into his career.

Tom's Mum - 2024

Why You Should Choose Game Builders Live!

Unlock your creativity and find new skills to grow your ideas
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Live Lessons

Never get lost, as lessons are live you can ask to repeat or break down a section we cover to make sure you fully understand

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Create Worlds

Learn how to create your own games, discorver techniques that allow your creativity to explode and Write the story you have always wanted to tell in a video game format

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Not only will our students follow our cuiriculum they will also get challenges to take on such as cinematics or special code,

time challenges all to get experience points!

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Added Fun Value

Learning should be creative and enjoyable, and the added fun factor makes this happen!

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Parent Loop

We keep you in the loop! expect weekly emails about your child's progression and what they have been up to!

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Coding// Simplified

Coding does not have to be scary! it can be creative and fun!

Unreal Engine uses an overlay to typical code called '' Blueprints'' it's more visual but works the same as C++

About Us!

Game Builders Live is the perfect place to learn how to make video games from the ground up! Our team of experienced game developers provides live and interactive game development classes that follow a carefully crafted curriculum, designed to help all students understand and retain the information. We focus on using Unreal Engine as it is the most widely used game engine in the industry. We believe learning should be fun, and we encourage growth and creativity at every step of the way. Sign up for our classes now and start creating your own games!


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